About Us

We are a venture company that started operations in 2020 to produce high-tech solutions in the fields of digital transformation, energy efficiency, internet of things and industry 4.0. We make domestic development and design with our team of expert engineers. Our company, which brings together decades of experience from different disciplines such as software, hardware, consultancy, production and industrialism, has 3 different products used in businesses, including ener.see. We continue to develop all our products in line with the principles of continuous improvement and customer demands. Using cloud-based and globally adopted software standards in all of our products, we design our products open to customization and customization for different needs.

Our Values


When working with our customers, we attach great importance to mutual trust and we stand behind our promises. We build the foundations of our cooperation based on trust with honesty, transparency and openness.

Customer Satisfaction

We put our customer’s wants above all values. We are working non-stop to fulfill customer wants and expectations.


We work, share and grow with consciousness of us, not me. In order to do our job in the best way, we act result-oriented by maintaining our dynamic and innovative structure.


We value and respect our environment. We make all the services we provide in accordance with our sustainability plans.

Job Postings

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