Digital energy management platform

Have the control of your energy consumption!

With our smart sensors, monitor the real-time energy usage and energy performance of your business anytime and anywhere from our mobile or web application. Take control of your costs by getting notifications based on instant data.


The light you need in your industrial journey

Real-time measurement and analysis of data is very important for an effective energy management. Ener.see provides energy savings and operational efficiency in your business.

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Features of ener.see

Features of ener.


It allows you to monitor the energy quality you get from the system.
It allows you to visually compare different meters, machines, floors and sections.
You can see the amount of energy consumed in any time period such as daily, weekly and monthly, and you can see your system at a glance with the various graphs we offer you.
You can see your energy bill and instant consumption at any time.
You can see your consumption rate and performance by comparing your instant, daily and monthly consumption with the previous days and months.
It detects unnecessary electricity usage and alerts you to save energy.

Fast, Economical and Definitive Solution to Reactive Penalty Problem!

Many businesses unwittingly pay reactive penalties at a fraction of the invoice amount each month.

ener.see continuously monitors the use of reactive energy for the businesses it works with. At the same time, it warns you so that the necessary correction can be made before an adverse situation occurs.

Optimize Your Energy Expenditure!

To save energy, you first need to know how much energy you spend. In order to do this in the most accurate way, real-time monitoring should be done.

One of the basic principles of the ISO 50001 Energy Management System, which is a world-renowned standard, is to measure, report and analyze the energy used with the goal of continuous improvement. Ener.see solutions assist in the tracking and management of all energy expenditures of your business, including IS0 50001.

What Does ener.see Offer You?

We are working non-stop to use your energy in the most efficient way and to reduce your costs.


We measure whatever parameters you want.
The parameters we can measure are: Voltage,
Current, Apparent Power, Active Power, Inductive and Capacitive Ratios.


You can easily create your daily, weekly and monthly reports by choosing the date range you want. You can capture your reports in PDF or XLS format over the cloud system, save them to your computer and print them out.


We make charts on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly data, visualizing your data and making analysis easier.

Digital Energy and Cost Management

We make detailed energy measurements with real-time data and offer you a platform where you can see your energy and costs together.

Expertise and Continuous Service

Our engineers examine your consumption data after installation and give you savings advice. We do not just sell software and hardware, we provide you with a continuous service.

Carbon Footprint Measurement

We make daily, monthly and annual carbon footprint measurements of your business.


We enable you to use your electrical energy in the most efficient way.

Thus, we aim to reduce your carbon emission and carbon footprint.

* These are sample rates from past projects. Savings vary from project to project.

Carbon Emission Reduction

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